About Tracie Soo

As a passionate advocate for health and wellness, Sydney-based Tracie loves exploring different types of fitness classes. However, 2013 threw a wrench into her life; Tracie was diagnosed with Facial-Scapula-Humeral Dystrophy (FSHD). The muscles in her face, both her arms, and abdomen were affected. The extent of the genetic muscular disorder included loss of strength in her left hand and major winging of both her scapula which meant that Tracie had extreme difficulty with raising her arms overhead.

However, her newfound physical weakness was no match for her mental strength. Given that FSHD is, sadly, a progressive disease, Tracie recognized the importance of having strong mental health to remain ahead of this condition. She began to strengthen her mindset and gathered a tribe for additional support. Tracie also began her journey to design a holistic therapy for herself to remain ahead of her condition as a complement to her medical treatment.

This was how Tracie ended up in a love affair with Yoga. Her first experience was at Yoga Beyond with Honza and Claudine Lafond, 5 years ago. The experience took her breath away. Since then, Yoga has enriched her life with improved physical, mental, and emotional strength. The journey also gave her a taste of the many different aspects of Yoga such as Yin and meditation. As Tracie developed her Yoga practice into a discipline, she deepened her Yogi journey by training to be a certified yoga teacher under Matthew Bergan at Dancing Warrior Yoga. She has recently completed Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training with Sarah Owen and Ayurveda Sadhana Training with Katie Manitsas. Tracie also participated in workshops with Sarah Moore and Patrick Beach and Carling Harps.

Today, Tracie is healthy and feeling a lot stronger; a living story of how determination, self-awareness, and self-love can help living with an incurable disease feel tolerable and enjoyable. She currently teaches at YogaBar Australia, Fernwood Fitness and covers in Sydney Metro.

“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today.” ~ Tom Ford.

While Tracie is a super-cool happy yogi, she also believes that no matter how fast-paced our modern society is, slowing down and having breath awareness are important priorities. This is why she brings a balance of enthusiasm and calmness in her Yoga practice by combining yin and yang Asanas with meditation. Tracie’s meditation practice includes breath awareness, self-awareness, and mindful moving meditation. She has also developed the ability to help students connect their body and mind while focusing on proper alignment.

As part of her personal Yogi journey, Tracie is also a continuous student of Syadhayaya (self-study). Therefore, she is grateful, blessed, and feels privileged to be a teacher. She helps revive and rejuvenate you as you develop your Yoga practice with her.

Radiate Positive Vibes xx

Stay in touch with her @yoga.with.tracie

Photo Credits: Benjamin Weser Photography, @Benjaminweser